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You sure can tell we're in a new Millennium by the appearance of these three shoes. The first two, which are both made of aluminum, are pretty space age looking and the third is just a fine piece of industrial craftsmanship.
The first shoe shown here is the T Shoe by Grand Circuit. The T Shoe was the result of requests by farriers to design a more efficient shoe for navicular problems. One of the standard treatments for navicular is to raise the heels. While this has long been a popular practice, the results are mostly short term and by raising the hoof past the natural angle the balance of the foot is disturbed. The flat design of this shoe eliminates those concerns.
The rolled toe is the key to comfort, and relief from pain comes from the ease of breakover that the rolled toe allows. Because the toe is truly rolled, and not beveled, a horse can find its own comfort zone while resting. We're glad to make this new innovative shoe available to you and know you'll be anxious to try it out on a horse you probably already have in mind.

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Our next featured shoe is the Sidewinder from the folks at Thor'Bred. This shoe has great potential for the performance horse. The side grooves and fullered heels have been incorporated to increase the holding power in quick turns. It has a beveled toe with a long wearing steel insert and countersunk nail holes for the smaller 4 1/2 nails. It also has a slightly squared toe and side clips.

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The final new shoe we'd like to highlight is the St. Croix Forge Eventer Egg Bar. We all know that there are a number of egg bars on the market, but St. Croix was looking for something better and who else but them to come up with this beautiful shoe. This shoe speaks for itself, with all the same quality and craftsmanship that is put into their Eventers. No doubt when you see them you'll think the same thing we did when we first saw them at the AFA Convention - Holy Shaaazam!

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What better product to feature along with these new shoes that the Myron McLane Full Support Pad? These pads support the bony column of the hoof, redistributing the weight from the wall to the frog. The release of pressure increases the blood supply to the hoof wall area, which allows for maximum hoof growth. They are ideal for horses with underrun heels, quarter cracks, laminitis, road founder and pedal osteitis. currently available in S & M, they can be used with barshoes or open heeled shoes and can be reused.

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